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HR Departments of One
Transitions into HR from other career fields
Women aspiring to Executive Roles
Inspiring and leading world class teams


Bringing out the better in people.

We have been there. We know a company is only as strong as its people. We specialize in mentoring and coaching Human Resources Professionals as well as technical experts turned people leaders.  

Does this sound like you?

  • "I recently changed careers into HR. What suggestions do you have for someone like me to learn more about the profession?"

  • "I'm trying to decide what certifications make the most sense for me to pursue. What do you think? Are they worth it?"

  • "I am an HR department of one. Sometimes I just want to call someone up who has been there before and pick their brain."

  • "My employer is asking me to come up with a new strategy I haven't developed before. Can you help me?"

  • "A few months ago, I was promoted into a new job. My peers are now my direct reports and I need some suggestions on how to navigate this new dynamic."

  • "In the past I was the best at my job and have accepted a new role leading others. The team is so dysfunctional. What are some ways I can turn things around?"

  • "There is this great person that reports to me. I think they are smart and get the job done. Problem is, they are impacting morale and do not listen to the feedback others have been giving.  Can you work with them before its too late?'

       ...and more! 

Expert guidance from actual experts. It is exactly what we do.


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