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Struggling to make decisions or have tough conversations?

As an experienced leader, you help everyone else – but who’s helping you?

I help leaders untangle their workplace challenges, empowering them to confidently rise in any situation.

Are you ready to...
...Propel you, your team, and your business towards the growth and success that you imagine?

...Shift from dread to drive when it comes to avoiding difficult situations with people, clients and even family members or partners?

...Participate in a consistent, safe space to explore and untangle your thoughts and ideas that have been living in your mind and are lacking action?

I'm here to
help you rise.

  • I’m here to help you focus, make a decision, and implement it without further second-guessing. You will feel a huge sense of relief, accomplishment and forward progress because you’ll take decisive action. Yes, you've been doing this for years, but we all need to retool and think things through with another lens.

  • When something comes up (because you know it will), your refreshed mindset (and new tools) are already there ready to tackle it head-on.


Three steps to get you headed towards progress:



Gain perspective from someone who gets it, but isn't in the thick of it.

I know what it's like to be in overdrive, trying to be everything to everyone.


My work was fulfilling, but I couldn't clear my mind enough to think things through.


Then, I got a coach.

Having someone experienced to reassure me or offer fresh perspectives was incredibly beneficial.


It made me feel strong in my decisions, and my team followed my lead, even if they were initially skeptical. 


Every session left me more energized and uncovering the ideas I had dismissed due to my own limiting beliefs.


My coach could tell I had done the 'mental gymnastics' of all the angles. I was able to see myself differently and use my stress as an accelerant.


When we surpassed our expectations or successfully delivered tough feedback to respected colleagues, I knew I was not only achieving more but also advancing as a leader.


It became evident to others that I wasn't afraid to work on myself, question my own assumptions, and approach problems from all sides.

Let's work together.

Susan S. Mahaffee, CEC, Executive Coach

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As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, I'm here to empower you to navigate the complexities of people leadership with confidence and effectiveness, while acknowledging the challenges that come with the role. Drawing from my background in HR, I offer a unique perspective that focuses on you through confidential exploration, enabling you to feel empowered to take action like you haven't done before and ultimately, strategically grow yourself and the business you lead.

I understand firsthand the demands that can creep in, causing you to feel everything is a priority and avoid the tough topics. It's common to seem like you have it all figured out, but you still second guess yourself.  I'll be your at-stake but 'outsider' business advisor to ask you the powerful questions to get you thinking in ways you  may not have before to creatively solve and show up more driven to hit your goals.

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