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Organizational Assessments

Our signature process and approach is the starting point for the majority of our clients. We work in partnership to learn and assess your people (HR) organization's current state, provide key themes, and develop actionable priorities and a clear roadmap that is underpinned by your strategic goals and ambitions.


Kick-off Meeting + Stakeholder Alignment

During the kick-off meeting, the focus will be on setting clear objectives, defining the scope, identifying key stakeholders, and aligning the assessment process and timeline. The meeting aims to establish expectations, clarify roles, and ensure buy-in from all involved parties.act.

Conduct Meetings +
Make Observations

Conducting meetings and observations entails delving into the intricacies of your business operations and understanding what drives its success. Engaging with both long-time employees and newcomers helps capture diverse perspectives on what works well and where opportunities for improvement exist. Reviewing compliance matters allows for prioritization and awareness of regulatory obligations, ensuring alignment with legal standards. Additionally, identifying synergies and disconnects across the organization enables strategic alignment and fosters a culture of collaboration, ultimately enhancing organizational effectiveness.

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Initial Themes 

At this step, you will be presented with a high level one-pager that identifies preliminary themes. We will discuss your first thoughts and perspectives, ensuring alignment with your organizational goals. This collaborative approach allows for realignment on areas warranting deeper exploration and potential shifts in focus if necessary. Together, we work every step of the way to maximize the value of understanding the current state of your business enabling informed decisions and effective strategies to propel your organization forward.

Final Assessment Debrief

The final assessment serves as a robust and detailed "snapshot in time," providing a comprehensive overview of your organization's strengths, challenges, and opportunities. It allows you to prioritize key observations made during the assessment process, guiding strategic decision-making and resource allocation effectively.

You will receive a roadmap outlining our recommendations for areas of focus, accompanied by actionable suggestions that you can implement and consider moving forward. This roadmap enables you to develop a clear plan of action, addressing critical areas for improvement and capitalizing on opportunities for growth.

Moreover, the assessment equips you to consider implications for investments in future training, employee development, and retention strategies. By identifying areas where opportunities for improvement lie, you can enhance organizational effectiveness, foster a culture of continuous learning and development, and drive sustainable success in your organization.

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