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Mineral HR + Compliance Platform

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You’re too busy to keep up with HR and compliance.

So don’t. 

It's become a lot harder to run a growing business.

  • Complexity of ever-changing laws and best practices.

  • Off-the-shelf tools can't keep pace.

  • Little time and budget for vendors, consultants and attorneys.

  • You need simplicity: a single place to turn to ensure your business is ready and resilient.

Mineral is an online, subscription-based HR + compliance platform. 

53% of small businesses spend more than 10 hours per week on HR + compliance issues. 


Some things Mineral can do for you:

Job Description


Use this library of customizable templates to review, save and download the perfect job description for your organization.

Compliance Calendar

Don't miss an important milestone again! Track key standard compliance dates, and the descriptions and reporting agency sites. 

HR Compliance + Documents Library

Search for the answers to your questions using a trusted source. Customizable forms, letters, policies and toolkits to help you get what you need FAST and stay compliant!

Mineral Experts

Find answers you need, backed by HR and Legal Experts!

Answers to your common questions - just type, submit and await a response! 

Smart Employee


Create and maintain federal and  state employee handbooks!

Whenever applicable laws and regulations change, receive proactive alerts.. all with your branding + information!

Salary Compare

Search compensation rates for thousands of job categories to make sure your compensation is aligned to the market, size and desired experience level. 

...and more!

Take our complimentary
HR Assessment 

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Take the short assessment to evaluate your current + potential HR + compliance challenges.


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Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how Mineral can help get you back to doing what you do best.

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