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Rise above the 9-5: Build your own profitable HR Consultancy!

Learn how I built a six-figure business in my first year with a four-step framework and resources!


Presented by Susan S. Mahaffee,
President + Founder, People Rise LLC

Not sure where to start?


I've got you.


If you were like me in November 2022, you had the passion and the courage to go out on your own but weren't sure where to begin.


I dove in, made mistakes, and learned valuable (and costly!) lessons along the way. I also captured my journey to share it with others who craved the same freedom and desire like I did.


Ready to do what you do best without all of the bureaucracy found in today's companies?


Let's do this!

In this virtual, 5 session, live* webinar we will cover:

*All calls will be recorded and participants will be able to access them after the session.
Participants who are not able to join live will be able to view the recorded sessions within 48 hours. 

After this series, you will:

  1. Strategies for setting up a successful HR consultancy from scratch.

  2. Techniques for effective marketing and branding to attract clients and establish credibility in the industry.

  3. Identifying common scams and pitfalls in the HR consultancy field and how to avoid them.

  4. Understanding the fundamentals of HR consulting, including legal requirements and ethical considerations.

  5. Developing a solid business plan tailored to the HR consultancy niche.

  6. Leveraging networking and relationship-building skills to expand your client base and industry connections.

  7. Implementing practical methods for managing finances, budgeting, and pricing services competitively.

  8. Learning how to deliver high-quality HR consulting services that meet client needs and expectations.

  9. Exploring innovative approaches for scaling and growing your HR consultancy business sustainably.

  10. Gaining insights from real-world examples and success stories of individuals who have achieved significant financial success in their HR consultancy endeavors.

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